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What is the Body Mastery Academy?

The Body Mastery Academy is a wellness program designed to hit the reset button of your gut and overall health, all while teaching you how to build healthy habits with daily classes on nutrition and personal development, so you can feel and look your best effortlessly and maintain it forever!

This program is for you if

  • You want to stop binge eating
  • You want to stop being afraid or feeling guilty around food
  • You want to end food restrictions
  • You want to have a healthy relationship with your body and exercise
  • You are looking to live your happiest & healthiest life

This program is not for you If

  • You are looking for a fad diet or “quick fix”
  • You are not interested in learning and put in the time
  • You are not willing to give up the pursuit of dieting
  • You are not willing to give up calorie/macro/point counting

What will you learn

During the program we will implement routines and explore/replace everything that creates inflammation in your system so you can give your body a chance to reset and heal.

Additionally this program incorporates personal development techniques designed to help you feel more confident and balanced in all areas of your life.

Week 1

DAY 1: Goodbye scale!

DAY 2: How your brain has been sabotaging your effort and what to do to change it

DAY 3: Uncovering your story

DAY 4: Your body’s perfect shape

DAY 5: Goal Setting

Week 2

DAY 1: Debunking the calorie myth and calorie counting once for all

DAY 2: Portion distortion

DAY 3: Detoxing: it’s all a BIG marketing scam

DAY 4:  How to get rid of love handles and stubborn fat pockets

DAY 5: Debunking the biggest label scams

Week 3

DAY 1: Stress and emotional eating. Why it happens and how to stop it

DAY 2: Cravings? Here is how to stop them

DAY 3: Sugar the unsweetened truth

DAY 4: Why we eliminated gluten 

DAY 5: Did you know that coffee (and sodas) sap your energy?

Week 4

DAY 1: Hypnosis 

DAY 2: Goodbye cheat days,  hello treat meals!

DAY 3: How to go out and still be healthy 

DAY 4: Discover what is the right way to train and what’s the perfect workout for you.

DAY 5: Self care

Did you know that 95% of research on nutrition and exercise are done on men and not females!?

That’s right, although women are the biggest consumers of the wellness-industry products and protocols, we have been excluded from nutrition and exercise research because of our menstrual cycle, which is too complicated to study.

This has led us to follow diets and exercise protocols that actively work against our hormones and sabotage our health and fitness goals (Ketogenic diet, fasting, HIIT, are just examples to name a few), often leaving us feeling like it’s our fault if we don’t get the results we want, and that we must not have done it right or tried hard enough or that we lack willpower.

The good news is: lack of willpower is not the problem.

You have just been following the wrong plans!

Understanding the basics of food is the single-most important area of knowledge you need to gain in order to make a lasting impact on your life, not just your body, weight and health.

Now, The journey towards health and weight loss is very personal. From the emotional triggers to the health conditions and the lifestyle habits, what may work for one person may not work for someone else.

Only by acknowledging your uniqueness, and by educating yourself and experimenting about how everything works within your body, (from your brain, to triggers, emotions and food), you’ll finally be able to Master your body, break free from diets, and look and feel your best for good.

It all starts with having the right information. That’s where Body Mastery can help you.

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