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Healthy Brand Consultancy

As one of the leading international health and wellness expert Eleonora can help your brand increase engagement and improve your marketing strategy!

Whether it involves nutritional and lifestyle advice to create or develop new ideas, or to review your current efforts and represent your brand, Eleonora will always consider your client’s wellbeing from every angle, paying particular focus to the nourishment and enjoyment that comes from every experience with your brand.

With a Dr. Degree in branding and marketing, Eleonora is experienced in working with brands providing a wide ranges of services including, but not exclusive to:

Eleonora values working with brands in the UK to help them make the best decisions around their products and isn’t afraid to push boundaries or take on challenges. She also enjoys conveying positive messages to the public and key opinion leaders – helping to break down the science into understandable and clear messages around food.

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