Sought-after Health & Wellness Professional.
Author - Radio host - Speaker.

Eleonora, is revolutionising the world of wellness.

She understands that every human being is different in psychology and physiology. What works for someone doesn’t necessarily work for someone else. And to be consistent, we don’t just need a strong driver, we need balance and enjoyment too!

Her work therefore incorporates elements of health, nutrition and personal development, encouraging audiences to adopt a more gentle and balanced approach to life.

Eleonora has a natural ability to inspire and captivate an audience and has been selected to work with a number of renowned brands such as Victoria Beckham, Radio Health UK and WeWork.

With her first book published and her own Radio Show starting in July, Eleonora is committed in helping people improve their quality of life.

After completing her education at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York, Eleonora has spent the last 5 years researching and refining her approach to nutrition and health. She has personal experience with eating disorders & depression, and has coached individuals and teams all over the world in the art and science of creating a more balanced life.

Eleonora speaks to the hearts, minds (and stomachs) of her audiences, making her talks and programs uniquely engaging and impactful. Few programs take this nutrition-led, human-centric approach and even fewer produce long-lasting results.

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