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“I wanted to lose 10 lbs for my Cabo trip and I did!!!”

Danielle G.

The best decision I have ever made.

I joined the challenge in March 2016 and I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made. Eleonora helped me reach my goal of losing 10 lbs way before the target date, but what I have gained is way beyond that.

I have been battling on my own for ages to find balance and a healthy life style, but it is not until I started being coached by Eleonora when I started shedding light and learning the most simple and effective ways to live healthy. I was amazed by the wealth of knowledge and the inspiration that Eleonora posses. Prior this program I was conditioned to believe living healthy and becoming fit is a difficult process because of the wrong ideas from media and TV, but with Eleonora’s help I found this not only simple, but also easy to sustain. From nutrition, to exercise and rest and everything else in between, she is an expert. One great aspect of her coaching is the love and the support.I have never felt more strong and powerful and I know I wouldn’t have gotten where I am if it was not her support. I want to thank you from my heart Eleonora and encourage you to keep helping others through your coaching.

Dana C.

Great Things Don't Come From Comfort Zones

“I took part in the challenge because I could not get rid of my post baby belly pooch. I am so happy that with the right guidance, nutritional advice and exercise I was able to get these results!”

Nadia E.

I lost inches and I’m not bloated anymore!

I took part in the challenge to tighten up my core and to get nutritional advice. I’m really happy with the results; I lost inches and I’m not bloated anymore!

The crazy thing is I’m actually eating more than before.


Tami R.

I lost 16 pounds during the challenge!

I lost 16 pounds during the challenge! And the great thing is that I continue to lose weight due to my new exercise routine and eating habits. I can see how it has benefited my whole family in quite a profound way. It’s the little decisions I can see both my husband and son making… i.e going for a hike vs movie, chicken vs red red meat, water vs soda. They are simply making healthier choices. That is a priceless change, that I’m thankful to you for!

Francesca G.

I’m stronger and have lost the weight around my waist!

I had recently retired and was getting too sedentary. I wanted to feel stronger and lose weight around my waist. Being part of the challenge enabled me to make exercise a priority and a habit. I also learned to eat a greater variety of food and really enjoyed experimenting with these new foods. I feel great; I’m stronger and have lost the weight around my waist!

Ellen G.


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